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Regarded throughout the financial industry as a premier world class provider of financial marketing solutions, AlphaMarkets serves as a one-stop-shop for all financial advertising and marketing services. AlphaMarkets provides top notch digital marketing as well as financial coaching. Here at AlphaMarkets, we pride ourselves on supporting any money manager with the finest and most professional marketing tools available. AlphaMarkets understands that in today’s fast-paced economy, it is paramount that our customers enjoy a financial marketing advisor they trust. We provide this service by employing the finest team that the financial industry has to offer. Our comprehensive digital marketing strategies translate into a highly loyal customer base. That is the reason why many of our clients have made the transition to AlphaMarkets via client referral.


Frank Tulio


After finishing his MBA at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, Frank Tulio developed a highly-specialized approach to financial marketing. Tulio then went on to establish AlphaMarkets, an up and coming start-up that evolved into a multi-national financial marketing firm with a world class reputation as an industry leader. When he’s not relaying data to the board of directors, Frank enjoys shooting hoops with his two sons and also likes to watch classic sci-fi movies’.


Jill O’Leary

Senior Marketing Consultant

With a rich background in developing highly effective marketing strategies to major Silicone Valley start-ups, Jill O’Leary is the brain behind many of our most innovative marketing schemes. Jill prides herself on her incredible ability to tap into the marketplace while understanding emerging consumer trends. In her time off, Jill enjoys dancing salsa, zumba and reading sappy romance novels.


Clara Carlysle

HR Manager

The AlphaMarkets employees are the motor that catalyzes our company’s success. But the person who gathers the parts to build that motor, is none other than our HR head, Clara Carlysle. Ms. Carlysle uses all channels available to locate the top talent in the industry allowing our company to expand at a lightning fast pace. In her spare time, Clara practices ballet and watching trashy reality shows.


Alex Gronkowski

Sales Manager

Alex Gronkowski may be our sales manager, but to AlphaMarkets’ fleeting success, he’s so much more. Gronkowski specializes in motivating and inspiring our sales and business development associates who then pass on that positive energy to our loyal customer base. On weekends, Alex plays in a local football club and likes to barbeque


Financial Advertising

As a top-notch innovator of financial advertising solutions, AlphaMarkets takes pride in providing its customers with an out-of-the-box approach to broadcasting its USPs to a wide range of prospective consumers across the globe. It is our belief that innovation combined with a highly coherent message and a diligent QA process provides for a smarter and more comprehensive advertising campaign.

Digital Marketing

As roughly 85% of business today is performed on the internet, we at AlphaMarkets realize the value and potential of an organization’s online reach. That’s precisely why our staff includes a hungry bunch of SEO wizards as well as a professional team of content writers and other Google and social media specialists.


Although the bulk of our campaigns are executed online, we still ensure the provision of support and idea sharing through our team of dedicated consultants. They provide a human touch to an ever-evolving technology based marketing industry. We also firmly believe that an open line of communication throughout the process is paramount to realizing both our success and our client’s success.


Our business development and sales team is composed of many highly talented individuals all with important skillsets that separate them apart from the competition. And although digital marketing is our specialty, we credit our talented sales team with helping our clients realize their revenue targets. Here at AlphaMarkets, our business development staff does not only sell; They inspire conversion.

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